You know decision-makers are on LinkedIn, but the thought of sharing your perspective there feels overwhelming. 

"Do I have what it takes? Am I smart/professional/WHATEVER enough?"

There's a new way to become known on LinkedIn. You can build an influential platform by being YOURSELF. And you can do it in one intentional hour per week.

Want to learn to be 'Lazy on LinkedIn?' Apply to work together - I'll teach you how to easefully turn LinkedIn into a hub of opportunities.

Do you ever look at other changemakers generating tons of buzz, raising all the resources, and driving intergenerational change and think ... WOW!

hey, changemaker


Your decision-makers are on LinkedIn but the thought of sharing your perspective there feels overwhelming. 

"Do I have what it takes?"  

There's a new way to become known on LinkedIn. You can build an influential personal brand by being YOURSELF - all in one intentional hour per week.

Want to be 'Lazy on LinkedIn'?

Apply to work with me and learn to easefully turn your LinkedIn into a hub of opportunities.

hey, changemaker


If you've been chugging away at your mission, I know how frustrating it is to feel invisible, overlooked, and underestimated.

The solution is strategic thought leadership to position yourself as an approachable authority. Even if you don't think you are one.
After working with over 50 social impact entrepreneurs and executives, I've cracked the code on how to design a visibility strategy that works for busy schedules AND how to dismantle limiting beliefs that keep us playing small. 

After all, your work is too damn big for you to stay a best-kept-secret! Right?

Build your thought leadership. Spark change.

apply now!

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You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

I used to support our nonprofit's Executive Director with her thought leadership. After about six months ... 

Influential community members reached out to get involved.  Reporters came out of the woodwork to interview her as a go-to voice.  It was like magic.

Eventually I became an executive. The strategy and schedule piece I had down by this point.

But as a thirty-something woman of color, transforming my beliefs about being the "face" of our org turned out to be the real work.

Listen, I've been there and experienced the same thing.

It was only through realizing our work doesn't speak for itself and that being in the limelight reflects light back onto our mission, that I learned to rise above "imposter thoughts" and grow my own thought leadership brand.

let me show you how.

did that feel like a personal attack?

apply now!

This is a six month, high touch program designed for social impact leaders to grow their influence, recognition, and thought leadership on LinkedIn (without burning out.)

This is NOT a self-study, do it yourself course. You'll have my eyes on everything you create: from your brand story, to your content, to how you engage your audience.

Drive change. Raise revenue.

Introducing the Kindling Collective

Yes - I need this

"Worth. Every. Penny. 

I not only get ongoing inquiries and clients for my consulting services through LinkedIn, but have also established relationships with donors my clients are trying to get in front of."

Tracy Keys

fundraising consultant


"I had a rough idea of the topics I was passionate about, but didn't know how to connect with others or share my message effectively. But [after building my brand on LinkedIn], I've driven conversations of what needs to change within healthcare systems to support people of color in leadership."

Dr. Neeru Bakshi

psychiatrist, mental health advocate


"Now I have the tools and words I needed to fight against my worst enemy - imposter syndrome.

I've already noticed a difference in how clients are reaching out to me for help - they trust I can make a difference for them."

Keshia Dorsey, Esq.

civil rights attorney


"It gives me confidence and motivation to see people are resonating with what I'm putting out there! Plus, a ton of people on LinkedIn didn't even know all the services we offered and I've already gotten referrals and opportunities."

Vanina Hochman

clinical outreach rep


real results

What you see publicly for other thought leaders:
  • Funding & PR Opportunities
  • Tons of Engagement
  • Prestige & Awards

What you can't see but is critical for your success:
  • Mission & Vision Clarity
  • Storytelling Strategy & Positioning
  • Community Care 
  • Confidence & Accountability
  • Mindset Shifts & Habits
  • Your own personal board or campfire circle

You can't reverse engineer thought leadership from what you see on the outside.

What's Below the Surface?

Let's take a closer look at internalized imposter thoughts and begin the tender work of dismantling them.

Of course we have imposter thoughts when societal structures have told us, for generations, that we don’t belong in positions of power and influence! By reframing these, we can begin to shine and play big on LinkedIn (and every space we occupy.)

You'll answer the five big brand questions:
  • Why? (Your just vision for the future) 
  • Who do you stand for? (Your niche) 
  • How do you show up in the world (Your voice and values) 
  • What are you known for (Your key brand message pillars) 
  • Where (Where are you trying to go as a result of building your personal brand?) 

Here's What You'll Learn

SOAR: Tend to Your Inner Chaperone & Play Big

SELF: Clarify Your Foundational Brand Message

module one

module two

As your visibility snowballs, people will start Googling you. Your LinkedIn is always one of the top results to show up! 

Let's turn your personal LinkedIn profile into an actionable landing page. That way, your ideal clients and referents can immediately take the next right step when they land on your profile (whether they're a new friend or old colleague.)

STRENGTHEN: Turn Your Profile into a Hub of Opportunity

module four

You are most uniquely equipped to help those in the position you once were in. So, your story is your most powerful tool in attracting the right audience. 

Using guiding prompts, you'll learn storytelling techniques to stand out as you stand up for your mission.  You'll complete your one sentence story, elevated pitch, and Founder Story.

STORY: Craft Your Stories to Position Yourself as a Guide

module three


SERVE: Nurture Existing Followers into Friends & Fans

module five

You're already 'LinkedIn connected' to people who can help you make shift happen. Activate your existing circles of supporters!

You'll learn how to build and nurture your campfire circle (your personal board of directors), and do "lazy" market research with your ideal target audience so your future content specifically inspires them to take action. 

Good content stands out in the noise. It makes your audience “stop the scroll” to change their behavior and decide they want more of what you have to offer - especially when it strategically nurtures your audience through a journey. 

You’ll learn to systematically plan, create and repurpose thoughtful content that builds your know-like-trust factor. 

SHARE: Strategize, Create, & Batch Content that Converts

module six

SEARCH: Find Your Hell-Yes Audience & Build a Village

module seven

Expand your audience beyond your existing network by using LinkedIn's powerful search capabilities to find exactly who you need to meet.

You'll learn a process to nurture strangers into followers, friends and fans, so they eventually become whoever they're meant to be in your world. 

You can be Lazy on LinkedIn, i.e. spend one hour on your content and engagement efforts, while still driving results. But consistency is KEY.

You'll create your bespoke ongoing to-do list and habits to achieve the goals you're looking for, whether it's raising your prices, selling your high ticket service, or being invited to VIP gatherings.

SCHEDULE: Build Your Thought Leadership Calendar & Habits

module eight

“I want to be invited to interesting gatherings, panels, and referral/partnership opportunities that I can't even imagine." 

“I want to be seen as an authority in my niche so I can raise my coaching prices and easily offer high ticket programs." 

“I want to craft a more powerful CEO persona and build relationships that attract investors, corporate partnerships, and other types of funding." 

My clients come to me because...

Dismantle systematically limited beliefs keeping you from getting visible on LinkedIn

How does this sound?

Clarify your brand message to attract the right-fit clients and supporters



You'll learn to:

Learn to write thought leadership content that converts your audience into ambassadors 


Search, connect with, and nurture decision makers on LinkedIn to make shift happen towards your vision


Build thought leadership habits in a community of aligned changemakers to stay consistent over time


"I didn't think of myself as a leader or an expert."

"But after working on my personal brand on LinkedIn, I gained an unshakeable confidence that allowed me to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars during a fundraising campaign after our work together. My increased recognition has also attracted influential community members for our board!" 

Mara James


What my clients say...

"You shifted my perspective on what LinkedIn can do and made it comfortable to show up."

"It was time for us to diversify and expand [from Instagram.] LinkedIn supports what we're already doing and adds additional elements that are still aligned - especially since I do believe our people are on LinkedIn.

This strategy is actually refreshing." Which is not a word I thought I'd use to describe LinkedIn!"

Jordan Gill

entrepreneur & Service provider

Now, I'm confident in communicating my mission and who I am. 

"I felt stuck and unsure if LinkedIn was worth my time, but working on my personal brand with Tania truly transformed that for me. 

I found my voice and gained confidence in expressing my values, sharing my work, and connecting with people online. 

Yulia Zhernovaya

nonprofit tech leader

1:1 consulting on your work


private peer
community on circle

 curriculum (with templates)

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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your work is vital. Reach out and share what's going on. We're here to help.

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