You know your people are on LinkedIn, but the idea of consistently coming up with thoughtful content feels overwhelming. Right?

"Am I smart/professional/WHATEVER enough? How will I find the time?"

Listen, you have all the wisdom, experience, and time you need.  Join our LinkedIn Content Sprint to easefully strategize, batch, and schedule 6 months of powerful thought leadership content. 

Let's maximize your LinkedIn profile into a hub of opportunities. Let's build top-of-mind trust, partnerships, and inquiries on autopilot.

Do you ever look at other changemakers generating tons of buzz, raising all the resources, and driving intergenerational change and think ... WOW!

hey, changemaker


You know your people are on LinkedIn, but the idea of consistently coming up with thoughtful content feels overwhelming. Right?

Listen, you have all the wisdom, experience, and time you need.

 Join our April LinkedIn Content Sprint to easefully strategize, batch, and schedule 6 months of powerful thought leadership content.

Let's maximize your LinkedIn profile into a hub of opportunities. Let's build top-of-mind trust, partnerships, and inquiries on autopilot.

hey, changemaker


You're here because you want to be invited to interesting gatherings, stages, and opportunities you can't even imagine.

You want to be seen as an authority in your niche to raise your rates and easily offer high ticket programs.

You want to craft a more powerful founder persona and build relationships that attract clients, partnerships, and funding.

Consistent thought leadership content will get you there.

I know you're busy. I've cracked the code on being 'Lazy on LinkedIn,' or spending as little time as possible for maximum results. This sprint will support you in creating 6 months of content that nurtures your followers into friends and fans. 


Your work is too damn big to be a best-kept secret!

You're no stranger to bringing people along towards change. But writing about yourself, your "why" and your expertise ... that's a completely different beast. You're too close to it. 

Thing is, there's a proven sequence to nurturing potential clients and supporters through know-like-trust. You don't have to recreate the wheel. 

This LinkedIn Content Sprint provides prompts, community, guided coworking, and real examples of content that have generated leads or speaking gigs.

Oh - and did I mention having my eyes on everything you create for feedback and copy coaching? 

You're brilliant. Support can take your superpower to the next level. You just want a shortcut that works.

You're in the right place.

I supported our nonprofit's Executive Director with her thought leadership. After about three months ... 

Influential community members reached out to get involved or invest.  Reporters came out of the woodwork to interview her as a go-to voice.  It was like magic.

Eventually I became an executive. The strategy and schedule piece I had down by this point.

But as a thirty-something woman of color, transforming my beliefs about being a "face" of our work turned out to be the real work.

Listen, I've been there and experienced the same thing.

It was only through realizing our work doesn't speak for itself and being in the limelight reflects light back onto our mission, that I learned to rise above "imposter thoughts" and share my own stories on linkedin.

let me show you how.

did that feel like a personal attack?


This community sprint is designed for social impact consultants, coaches, and service providers ready to build their influence and attract new opportunities on LinkedIn.

I'll guide you through batching 6 months of strategic thought leadership content to move the needle in your business, in only 2 hours per week. 

Plus - you can share anything you write with me for 1:1 copy coaching and feedback.

Drive change. Raise revenue.

Introducing the LinkedIn Content Sprint


"Worth. Every. Penny. 

I not only get ongoing inquiries and clients for my consulting services through LinkedIn, but have also established relationships with donors my clients are trying to get in front of."

Tracy Keys

fundraising consultant


"It gives me confidence and motivation to see people are resonating with what I'm putting out there!

Plus, a ton of people on LinkedIn didn't even know all the services we offered and I've already gotten referrals and opportunities."

Vanina Hochman

LMFT and family advocate


client results

You'll kick off the sprint with a live 2-hour masterclass on everything you need to know to sequence, batch, and create 6 months of thought leadership content for LinkedIn. 

We're covering the ideal structure of a LinkedIn post, a proven sequence of content prompts with examples, LinkedIn algorithm nuggets, and the power of repurposing!

You'll jot down storytelling ideas for each prompt - so you never have to stare at a blinking cursor. 

You'll join a weekly 2-hour guided coworking session to finally find the white space to share your innovative perspective and stories. 

Whether you're re-introducing yourself on LinkedIn or you've been posting regularly, you're going to build top-of-mind trust in a new way. 

You're going to stand out as you stand up for your mission.

Here's What We're Gonna Do:

Live Masterclass and 
Content Outline 

Facilitated Coworking Sessions to Batch Content

week one

Week two, three, and four

You're not on your own. You'll have access to a Slack channel with other social impact leaders building their thought leadership. 

Share your content with me any time for my private feedback OR with the community for collective feedback. 

Get a pep talk, work through a nuanced piece of content, and make a few friends!

Feedback and Slack Community

throughout the sprint

LinkedIn has its own native scheduling tool so you can literally "plug and go." 

By the end of the sprint, you won't have to think about content again until after Halloween. 

What will you do with all your new free time?

Schedule your Content 

Week five


As a ghostwriter, I've written thought leadership posts on LinkedIn that generated thousands of dollars in revenue for other coaches, consultants, and service providers.

The problem is, they kept having to come back to me to get their thoughts, opinions, and expertise out of their brain and into the world. With support, I think many of us can do it ourselves!

Copy coaching is part strategy, part cheerleading, and all accountability. Sometimes, I'll share feedback to maximize your posts and other times, all you need is a little pep talk.

Either way, copy coaching will help build your confidence and the consistency to keep showing up  (even after the sprint is over.) 

What's copy coaching?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is thought leadership really?

I define it as the practice of using our passion, experiences, and credibility as fuel to spark trust and community as we imagine and shape the future together, for the better. 

When are the live sessions?

Our live sessions will be held weekly. 

A recording of the live masterclass and guided coworking sessions will be sent the same day.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

That's okay! You'll have lifetime access to the recordings so you can rinse and repeat. 

Our Slack channel will provide asynchronous opportunities for support in between live calls, including copy coaching and feedback from me on everything you create. 

How much does this cost?

The investment is $997 - a fraction of my 1:1 ghostwriting rates.

Think of it as $40/post. If you got one client from a post, what would your ROI be?

Should I do this or your VIP Day?

That depends! The LinkedIn VIP Day is for founders seeking a full, done for you solution to getting visible on LinkedIn. It includes 1:1 work on your brand message, origin story, LinkedIn profile, social selling strategy, and ghostwritten content. The investment is $4500. 

This LinkedIn Content Sprint is for founders who have intentionally thought about their "why" and what they stand for, enjoy writing as a form of self-expression, and are looking for community momentum and edits/review instead of a complete overhaul. 

If you're not quite sure which option is right for you, let's talk!

"I didn't think of myself as a leader or an expert."

"But after working on my personal brand on LinkedIn, I gained an unshakeable confidence that allowed me to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars during a fundraising campaign after our work together.

My increased recognition has also attracted influential community members for our board!" 

Mara James


What my clients say...

This strategy is actually refreshing. Which is not a word I thought I'd use to describe LinkedIn!

You shifted my perspective on what LinkedIn can do and made it comfortable and super exciting to show up. I can get a once a month pedicure and create all my LinkedIn content, or connect with low hanging fruit.

Jordan Gill

entrepreneur & Service provider

Break down the inertia and beliefs  keeping you from getting visible and growing your business on LinkedIn

How does this sound?

Follow a proven content planning system to beat 'blinking cursor syndrome'



You'll learn to:

Learn to write thought leadership content that nurtures your audience into ambassadors 


Have dedicated space and support to outline, write, schedule, and show up on autopilot for six months


Build visibility habits in a community of aligned changemakers to stay consistent (and make a few new friends!) 


review of your linkedin content

live weekly coworking sessions

easy-to-use proven prompts that convert

slack channel for questions, pep talks, and community

send me a message

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your work is vital. Reach out and share what's going on. We're here to help.

Still on the fence?