What We Do

We help purpose driven women position themselves as a trusted, top-of-mind expert in their niche. Over time, this drives change and raises revenue. 

Why? People support the leaders they know, like, and trust. Let's attract a dedicated audience ready to roll up their sleeves and help you make a lasting difference in the world.

We provide personal branding strategy and ghostwritten thought leadership content to build impact and influence. Let's dismantle 'Imposter Syndrome' once and for all. 

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Let's work together

What do you think about becoming THE trusted, go-to person in your niche? 

At first, most of the women I work with respond, “WHAT? Are you talking to lil’ old me!?”

Why not you? You have what it takes.

Besides, who else is there to make your new vision of the world happen?

Think about the people seven generations from now who can heal because you shared your message with the right people today.

You're more of an expert than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works for your introverted self. 

You're in the right place.

"This was way more than just learning visibility strategies. Tania led me through a soul searching journey to reprogram my subconscious ways of playing safe. I learned how to engage supporters authentically (without ever feeling like I was ‘salesy’ or premeditated.)

Cat Richards

nonprofit director of operations


"I’ve struggled with self-confidence and ownership of my expertise. This workshop has helped me reframe what being a leader means and that my lived experiences are an invaluable part of my perspective as an expert."

Alexis Llamas

youth worker


real results

Ways to Work Together

Let us write, so you can lead.
We offer ghostwritten thought leadership content to grow your personal brand and visibility.

"Done for you" content

This 1:1 intensive demystifies LinkedIn, covering both strategy and content so you can show up as an approachable authority (on auto-pilot.)

LinkedIn vip day

More to be revealed in Winter 2021...

Storytelling workshops

Thought Leadership


You need a thought partner and ghostwriter to get those pearls of wisdom out of your head and in front of your growing audience.

Let's get your ideas published consistently and strategically to amplify your influence and attract a community ready to support your work.

Offload the writing, so you can spend more time on leadership and making shift happen


You know it's important to get more visible but have zero time to write content, like social media posts, op-eds, and articles. 

LinkedIn VIP Day


This intensive is for purpose driven women who want to become a trusted, influential voice on LinkedIn to drive change and raise revenue. Through a five-step framework, you'll build a strong foundation to attract the right audience for your vision. You'll also learn how to create authentic, "sticky" content. 

Build the influence you need to accomplish your big vision, instead of feeling stuck. 


You know there are transformational opportunities available on LinkedIn, but don't have time to waste figuring it out.

"I have TWO assistants but still struggle with an overpacked calendar and overwhelm.

As I launched my first book, this workshop gave me the steps to clarify my message and get it in front of the right people (clinicians). Ultimately, more clinicians really hearing what I have to say helps the LGBTQ community get sober ... and that's what it's all about for me."

Kristina Padilla

author & educator

Yes, It Really Works

"I knew I could help girls heal from bullying, yet I kept asking myself 'what makes me qualified?'

This work changed my perspective as I practiced taking up space, even when I was nervous. As I learned to share my story, I realized my lived experiences make me perfectly qualified to do this work and to help girls in the situation I healed from myself.

Andi Long

nonprofit founder

"Tania gets you to really think because she asks questions you've never asked yourself before.

If you're willing to be vulnerable, Tania will guide you to your innate superpower and help you create a big vision and mission for your personal and professional journey." 

Susan Kenny

fundraiser and human connector