Stand Out as You Stand Up for Your Mission

You're working in the trenches and making a difference every single day. You have the solutions for the problem that you solve. Yet, you feel like the best kept secret in your community.

You already have what it takes. Shine your light and show up as the trusted, go-to expert that you are.  Let's grow your visibility and make shift happen. 

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i see you, world-shaker. 

I can help you find the clarity and courage to attract your dream allies. Through strategic personal branding, you will drive change and raise the resources needed to build a movement. 

 Personal Branding for Humans Driven by Purpose

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14 LinkedIn Content Prompts

Build your personal brand and thought leadership, show up for your target audience, and grow your know-like-trust factor with your professional audience. 

You have what it takes. Let's get you to the next level.

"Tania taught me I am perfectly qualified to lead and deserve to take up space."



I'm Tania, your new cheerleader & confidante.

Let's give your work the platform it deserves. I consult with a hybrid approach, guiding thought leadership personal branding strategy with support in dismantling imposter syndrome.

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 Top Ways to Work Together

This is a slow study. An audio escape. A deep dive - something meant to listen to over and over - any time you're getting ready to step into your next level of visibility.

Thought Leadership Clarity Course: A Slow Study



Be-leaf in yourself.

The world needs to hear your wisdom, now more than ever. 

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