You are such a bright light in the world. 

Does your "itty bitty sh*tty committee" say you need three college degrees, 30 years of experience, and 30,000 LinkedIn followers before you start sharing your wisdom? Do you cringe at what other people might think if you became more visible sharing your message?

I know, the term “thought leader” has been bastardized. Anybody with a big ego and WiFi can appoint themselves as one. And, yet so many intelligent, hardworking, and humble change-makers (LIKE YOU!) shrug off the term.

Truthfully, we do not give ourselves the title of ‘thought leader’. Instead, it is given to us by the perception of our target audience. Someone who simply calls themself a thought leader might be missing the whole point. But I think you get it. 

We become thought leaders in the eyes of others by being of service, freely giving away the wisdom we've earned through our lived experience. 

lemme grab your attention:

"One day, you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else's survival guide."
- Brene Brown

Look through the lens of those we serve with radical empathy and respect.


LUMOS Thought Leadership Guiding Principles.

Strategically share our lived experience and stories from the
trenches to educate and inspire others to join our movement.

Commit to transparent community building, attracting a growing audience of fans, friends, and followers to sit around our campfire.

Fill in collective gaps in understanding to benefit all who still suffer, with a goal of becoming the go-to, trusted expert in our niche.

Take the next right step to the best of our ability with humility and gratitude.

Do the inner work so we can wear our protective trauma responses (such as perfectionism, imposter syndrome and people-pleasing) as loose, flowy garments.

Are comfortable not having all the answers. We do what it takes to find them when the right questions are asked.

Show up with a spirit of abundance, actively saying “no, thank you” to scarcity mentality.

Put the community served above all else. Weave in their wisdom - with credit - into our shared solution.

Let's do it!


The first, instrumental piece to any thought leadership strategy is getting clear on the problem you solve and the unique way you create transformation. Download the first episode of my Thought Leadership Clarity Course for FREE to get started in your own visibility journey.

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Prompts help as a starting place for thought leadership content - making your writing process more time effective!

Download these 14 LinkedIn content prompts to move into action. 

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Self-Limiting Beliefs

Grab my free Notion template to easily keep track of the positive feedback flowing your way. Get rid of imposter thoughts and content blocks as you  embody the leader that others already see you as. 

Let's smash through the barriers of strategy, schedule, and self-limiting beliefs. 

"I have TWO assistants but still struggle with an overpacked calendar and overwhelm.

As I launched my first book, this workshop gave me the steps to clarify my message and get it in front of the right people (clinicians). Ultimately, more clinicians really hearing what I have to say helps the LGBTQ+ community get sober ... and that's what it's all about for me."

Kristina Padilla

author & educator

Yes, It Really Works

"I knew I could help girls heal from bullying, yet I kept asking myself 'what makes me qualified?'

This work changed my perspective as I practiced taking up space, even when I was nervous. As I learned to share my story, I realized my lived experiences make me perfectly qualified to do this work and to help girls in the situation I healed from myself.

Andi Long

nonprofit founder

"Tania breathed fresh life into a vision I've had since 2015.

She gave me the tools and words I needed to fight against my worst enemy - imposter syndrome.

I can't thank her enough for helping me not only recognize I have what it takes to fulfill my calling but that I am the one who is called."

Keshia Dorsey

abolitionist & attorney

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