Stand out as you stand up for your mission.

Stand out as you stand up for your mission.

When you're in a deep relationship with your "why", you'll never run out of stories to share, perfect-fit clients to serve, or aligned partnerships to build.



Gaining clarity in your brand message makes you fall in love with your social impact business again. You become confident in your visibility and more courageous with your actions.

Your mind becomes a faucet of ideas, stories, and content. You never run out of things to say because you’re in a deep relationship with your “why”.

You remember how powerful your work is, which helps you consistently share from your head and heart. Your insights support your people, your influence creates system-level change, and your visibility grows your impactful business.

Thought Leadership Clarity Course: A Slow Study

When you get in the limelight, your mission also shines.

"Now I have the tools and words I needed to fight against my worst enemy - imposter syndrome. I've already noticed a difference in how clients are reaching out to me for help. They trust I can make a difference for them."


"I've already noticed a difference in how clients are reaching out to me for help."

After supporting 100+ changemakers with their foundational messaging, I’ve designed a proven sequence of practices, exercises, and questions to hone in on your personal vision, origin story, and niche.

To find the right words to paint a picture of the outcomes you create and translate it onto LinkedIn.

To strategically build your personal board of directors and find right-fit partners for collaborations and visibility opportunities.

To get in relationship with your inner chaperone so you can team up and courageously grow your visibility.

You simply need a guide to ask you the right questions.

And this work takes time. It needs to breathe. It requires slow study.

You already have the answers inside of you. 

Thought Leadership Clarity Course


This is a slow study. An audio escape. A deep dive - something meant to listen to over and over - any time you're getting ready to step into your next level of visibility.

It’s a self-guided version of my 1:1 consulting services in a private podcast feed and workbook. Because I want you to untether from your computer screen for this work.

Go sit in the bath and listen. 
Go lie in the grass and listen. 

Fall asleep with your AirPods in and dream.
Wake up with new answers.


Day by day, moment by moment, you can build different habits, thoughts, beliefs, and actions to become the visible change agent you’ve been called to be. You’ll gain momentum - both from an external marketing perspective and an internal healing perspective - to powerfully share your voice and be seen as a go-to guide. 

Thought leadership is the consistent practice of using your passion, lived experience, and credibility as FUEL to spark trust and community as you imagine and shape the future together, for the better. You’ll develop clarity on each of these pieces to confidently position yourself for the right clients and opportunities for you. 

Here's What You'll Grow Through

Why We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Mine your Vision, Passion, Lived Experience, and Credibility



I’ll teach you how to go an inch wide and a mile deep to become the credible and sought-after voice for your niche. You’ll become an expert on your community’s expression of the specific problem you solve. You’ll work through the many stuck-points that can arise when it’s time to draw a line in the sand and declare who you stand for.

Foundational Messaging: Who do you stand for?


Your origin story paints a picture of what is possible and positions you as a practiced guide in the transformation you provide. It's your most powerful tool to attract aligned people in and build top-of-mind trust in your solutions. You'll craft your one-sentence story, elevated pitch, and full origin story.

Foundational Messaging: What’s your origin story? 

episode Three


Your clear messaging will attract a growing number of people who know you, like you, and trust you. You’ll learn how to partner with the right people on low-lift and high value collaboration opportunities - including swipeable scripts to ask people to participate. You may be surprised at how many fabulous people are ready to collab with you already! 

Explore the Village


Step-by-step, you'll strategically build your supportive squad. You'll learn to assemble a team that can help you make difficult decisions, challenge your own thinking, introduce you to others for referrals, and fill in any skill or knowledge gaps. This work isn’t meant to be done alone.

Build your Campfire Circle

episode seven

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a hub of opportunities by clearly serving as a resource, not a resume. You’ll learn to clearly update your profile with what you stand for, how you can support your audience, and share ways others can support your work. LinkedIn is full of movers, shakers, and power brokers ready to be nurtured into a relationship, collaboration, or partnership.

Translating your Personal Brand Message onto LinkedIn


Your leadership expression can become so recognizable that even if your name or picture wasn’t attached to your content, people would STILL know it's yours. You’ll clarify your voice, values, and develop your key brand messages - the unique opinions and points of view you'll become known for and called to speak on in interviews, podcasts, and other opportunities.

Foundational Messaging: How do you stand out? 


"I had a rough idea of the topics I was passionate about, but didn't know how to connect with others or share my message effectively.

But [after building my brand on LinkedIn], I've driven conversations of what needs to change within healthcare systems to support people of color in leadership."

Dr. Neeru Bakshi

"I had a rough idea of the topics I was passionate about, but didn't know how to connect with others or share my message effectively. But [after building my brand on LinkedIn], I've driven conversations of what needs to change within healthcare systems to support people of color in leadership."

Dr. Neeru Bakshi


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

"Now, I'm confident in communicating my mission and who I am." 

"I felt stuck and unsure if LinkedIn was worth my time, but working on my personal brand with Tania truly transformed that for me.

I found my voice and gained confidence in expressing my values, sharing my work, and connecting with people online." 

Yulia Zhernovaya

Nonprofit Tech Leader

Yes, It Really Works

"I have TWO assistants but still struggle with an overpacked calendar and overwhelm."

"As I launched my first book, this workshop gave me the steps to clarify my message and get it in front of the right people (clinicians). Ultimately, more clinicians really hearing what I have to say helps the LGBTQ+ community get sober ... and that's what it's all about for me."

Kristina Padilla


"I knew I could help girls heal from bullying, yet I kept asking myself 'what makes me qualified?'"

"This work changed my perspective as I practiced taking up space, even when I was nervous. As I learned to share my story, I realized my lived experiences make me perfectly qualified to do this work and to help girls in the situation I healed from myself."

Andi Long




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Confidently get visible as a thought leader - even if that seems impossible.

Ground yourself in a clear vision for the future that inspires action.

Authentically share your personal stories to move the needle for your business.

Focus on the right niche to become discoverable by your dream audience.

Learn to use language that speaks directly to the souls of your people.

Clarify your voice and values to consistently show up as the leader you want to be.

This course will help you...


What do I actually get with this course?

You’ll receive a private podcast feed with 8 episodes to guide you through the same process I do with my 1:1 consulting clients. You’ll also receive an accompanying Guidebook with all of the questions, practices and exercises contained in the audio course to work through at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost?

The course is $497 or three payments of $197. 

How long can I keep the course?

Forever. That’s the point - this is for you to re-listen to and deepen your clarity any time you’re leveling up your visibility. That could be starting a podcast, committing to more collaboration and partnerships, or authoring your first book. 

I have a habit of not finishing courses. Should I still buy this?

That’s totally up to you. And, this course was specifically designed for folks who don’t finish courses! That’s why it’s a private podcast feed that lives on your phone, so you can untether from your computer. You’ll receive nurture notes from me, even after you buy the course, to inspire you deeper into the process. 

How long is each episode?

No more than 20 minutes. 

Should I do this, or wait for your next LinkedIn Content Sprint?

Do this. I created this course as a precursor for any kind of thought leadership work. This is the foundational understanding where content, deeper community-building, and advanced visibility can be built upon. 

How is this different from the Campfire Circle podcast?

The Campfire Circle explores thought leadership in a broader way, sharing insights and inspiration. This course explains, step-by-step, how to do each of the pieces that build up a strong thought leadership brand: from how to dismantle imposter thoughts, how to craft your foundational messaging, how to select a niche and create audience-specific content, and more. Plus, it includes scripts, templates, and swipeable copy to make each action easeful. 

Should I hire a brand strategist to do this work for me, instead?

As someone who has supported 100+ changemakers 1:1 with their foundational messaging … a brand strategist can only get you about 85-90% of the way there.

Nobody can fully create your personal brand messaging for you because it’s made up of your own unique mosaic of passion, lived experiences, and credibility. You can’t delegate this work because it’s literally about packaging up your own (sometimes unearthed) zones of genius.

You already have the answers. They emerge with time and from being asked the right guiding questions. This work needs to breathe. Let new, deep, foundational a-ha’s emerge. For weeks, months, and years. That’s what this slow study will help you do.

$497 seems like a big investment. What ROI can I expect?

If you sold 1 of your coaching packages, VIP days, or consulting services to a right-fit client who found you on LinkedIn, what income would you earn?

The more visible your value is, the more aligned inquiries you’ll get. You can make back your $497 investment from the Thought Leadership Clarity Course easefully. Even one of the practices inside can lead to your next client.

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