Niching down to find your expertise

November 8, 2021

By getting clear and specific on your lane, you will attract the right people to you.

I hang with a lot of purpose driven women, so I know how it feels to wear all the hats. To constantly multitask and feel like a jack of trades, master of none. It feels like we have to do it all, right?

Remember, people are attracted to experts in their field. If you talk about many different things, people get confused and your message becomes convoluted.

BUT, if you are continuously sharing valuable and helpful solutions to a specific pain point, it will be easier for people with those problems to find you, like you, and trust you to provide solution.

Live in abundance. There are countless people within reach who need to know what you have to offer. By getting clear and specific on your lane, you will attract the right people to you.

Now I just wear one hat that I really love. Let me explain …

I used to ghostwrite anything for anybody. I thought I was being helpful; being a generalist allows us to say ‘yes’ to everybody. BUT, we can’t serve the community we’re really passionate about because we’re not clear enough in our message about how we can uniquely help them.

A friend asked me to write copy for his new men’s surf clothing line. I probably could have done it. But a quick google search for surfing and copywriter brought me, literally, the SURFING COPYWRITER Lac Campbell. They’ve grown that brand and continue to work together on the soon-to-be women’s apparel line. What a match made in heaven!

That’s what happens when you work with specialists who exactly understand the details of what you do.

What if you focused your personal brand on one thing you love doing and that you’re good at?

Hone your craft. Live in abundance know there’s enough work and change to be made for everyone. Become known for your expertise. Thrive.

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